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Pioneering a sustainable future for our waterways

At Additive Catchments, we are dedicated to revolutionising the monitoring and protection of water, our most vital resource. With 86% of the UK’s rivers failing to meet ‘good’ ecological standards, our initiatives aim to regenerate Britain’s waterways.

We address the urgent need for improved river conservation by combining cutting-edge technology with community-driven efforts. Our strategic approach ensures comprehensive, effective solutions that promote ecological health and public trust in our waterways.

Our Environmental Solutions: Empowering Through Participation

Catchment Monitoring As-A-Service (CMaaS®)

The CMaaS® solution leads the way in waterway health management, utilising advanced monitoring, systems thinking, and AI. This innovative service offers a comprehensive view of catchment areas, enabling precise, actionable interventions tailored to their unique needs.

Water Quality Monitoring & Storm Overflows

Our Storm Overflow Monitoring system predicts and tracks the impacts of storm overflows on waterways in real-time. This allows for swift, informed responses, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and rebuilding public trust by protecting both ecosystems and communities effectively.

Sustainable Agriculture Monitoring

Our Agricultural Monitoring provides detailed insights into the impact of farming practices on local water bodies. This service empowers farmers to adopt sustainable methods, reducing runoff and enhancing biodiversity. Additionally, it enables supermarkets and supply chains to adjust pricing dynamically based on environmental impacts, promoting eco-friendly practices throughout the supply chain.

Nature-Based Solution Monitoring

Embracing the synergy between technology and nature, our Nature-Based Solution Monitoring evaluates the effectiveness of green infrastructure in improving water quality, nutrient neutrality, and habitat conditions. This approach reflects our commitment to working with, not against, nature to address environmental challenges effectively.

Forging the Future with Impact-Driven Collaboration

We strengthen our initiatives by building relationships with experts in the field
as well as with the communities directly affected by polluted water.


Working in partnership with Water Companies

We partner with water companies dedicated to enhancing their environmental stewardship and successfully navigating the complexities of stringent water quality regulations. Through a spirit of collaboration, we address the critical need for river health improvement, pioneering innovative and sustainable solutions. Our transparent and community-focused approach ensures that our efforts build public trust in our shared waterways.

Collaborating with Governments at all levels

We collaborate with local and national government bodies, including the Environment Agency (EA), the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra), and local planning authorities. Through these strategic alliances, our solutions integrate seamlessly into broader environmental strategies. We help improve policy, validate the outcomes of interventions, and support education and enforcement where needed. This approach enhances their effectiveness, contributing significantly to the UK's ecological and water quality goals while fostering public trust in our initiatives.

Empowering Communities and Groups

We engage all stakeholders in catchments, fostering a shared sense of responsibility for our waterways. Collaborating with local groups, NGOs, and river and wildlife trusts across the UK, including 'Friends of the Dart,' we ensure our projects are transparent and inclusive. These partnerships build trust and participation, aligning initiatives with local needs and aspirations, and creating meaningful, sustainable impacts.

Engaging Landowners and Supermarkets

We involve landowners and supermarkets, recognising their crucial role in environmental stewardship. By collaborating with these stakeholders, we promote sustainable land use and responsible supply chains. This partnership ensures our projects are inclusive and transparent, fostering trust and cooperation. Together, we align our efforts with environmental goals, enhancing the health of our waterways and building public confidence in our collective impact.
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The CMaaS® Delivery Consortium

The CMaaS® Delivery Consortium uniquely brings together a wide range of skills and capacities to deliver national programmes with a high level of confidence. This collaborative partnership of leading organisations combines specialised expertise to implement and manage landscape-scale monitoring solutions, enhancing the effectiveness and reach of water quality monitoring across the UK.

Our Network of Partners

In addition to the CMaaS® Consortium, we have an incredible ecosystem of partners. This extensive network includes environmental organisations, academic institutions, technology providers, and community groups. Together, we amplify our efforts, ensuring comprehensive and innovative approaches to water quality monitoring and environmental stewardship across the UK.


Success story

Innovative River Health Monitoring with RiverStations™

Introducing RiverStations™, our proprietary river health monitoring stations that are at the forefront of environmental management technology. Each station is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment designed to provide comprehensive, real-time data on water quality and river health.

Developed with the invaluable input and rigorous testing from our CMaaS Consortium partners, including Atkins and Galliford Try, RiverStations™ are uniquely engineered to meet the complex demands of modern environmental monitoring.

This collaborative effort ensures that each RiverStation™ is not only highly efficient but also robust and suitable for a variety of challenging environments. 

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ISO Certifications

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency, as evidenced by our numerous ISO certifications. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to excellence in environmental management, quality assurance, and operational performance. Our adherence to these internationally recognised standards ensures that our solutions are reliable, effective, and continuously improving, providing confidence to our partners and stakeholders.

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